Paragliding in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

This post is essentially an ode to my new Go Pro HERO5 Black, which I finally bought this summer to capture even more aspects of my travels through Europe. So, naturally, what do I do? I decide to spend even more money now that I have this awesome camera by going paragliding again, this time in the German Alps right near where we were staying in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The last time I went paragliding I was in Interlaken, Switzerland, and the guide took the photos of us as we made our descent. But for this flight, rather than only having selfies of myself strapped to a stranger, I wanted to capture the feeling of soaring through crisp mountain air. Aside from my shaky hands that will hopefully improve as I use my GoPro more and more, I was happy with the footage, so with Quik, the Go Pro editing app, I created this little masterpiece to bring 30 seconds of flying to everyone reading this. Some friends may have seen a similar video I posted to Facebook the day of my flight, but because I was on vacation and only working on my iPhone rather than my laptop, I didn’t put 100 percent effort into editing it properly. So now that I took some time on my computer to fix it, here’s my second go. Hope everyone enjoys the ride as much as I did!

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