Cruise Stop 2: Corfu, Greece

Corfu was three first of the three Greek islands we would be seeing, and not to spoil everything, but it was my favorite.

After our tiring, somewhat hectic stop in Montenegro, we woke up the next morning somewhere between Corfu and Albania and ate breakfast as we sailed into port. By 10, we were allowed off the ship and met our private guide, Chia. Because Corfu is such a big island with lots to see, we figured hiring a driver would help us fit as much as possible into our 6 hours there. Again, not enough time but we made do. My first impression of the island was that it was green and lush, and Chia informed us it has a rainier, more humid climate than the other Greek islands.

Our first stop was the Paleokastritsa Monastery, which was situated on top of a hill with panoramic views of the sea and beach below. The grounds were peaceful and exhibited the classic Greek architecture I had been hoping to see. Plus, there were tons of cats around. This will be a common theme in my posts.

We drove down to Paleokastritsa Beach where we spent the next few hours. If I could dream up the perfect beach, this would be it with its cliffs creating a cove in the turquoise water. The only thing it was missing was sand, as the shore was pretty pebbly and painful to walk on barefoot.

Paleokastritsa Beach from the monastery

First, we took a small boat trip around the cliffs to see the other beaches nearby and the sea caves. My mom and I had done similar tours in Malta and Portugal, so it was fun to share the experience with my sister, and you get a different perspective of the landscape that you can’t appreciate on land.



Then, we were ready to cool off with a swim in probably the clearest water I’ve ever been in! Although we didn’t have much time here, I enjoyed getting a quick glimpse into Greek beach life—and I want more!


Soon it was time to make our way back to Corfu Town, the island’s capital, before getting back on the ship. We winded through backroads that took us high above Paleokastritsa Beach and back across to the eastern side of the island where we stopped at another overlook. 


I can’t review Corfu Town because we didn’t get a chance to walk around. Chia drove us past the main plaza and pointed out some of the buildings, but then we had to rush back to the port. As much as I wanted to see more Greek architecture and try some food, I felt like getting to a beach on Corfu was higher priority and definitely worth it in the end.

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