Cruise Stop 4: Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos was our last stop in Greece and honestly, I was a little sad about it because I could’ve spent weeks island hopping, but I’m glad we went to the three we did and had three really unique experiences.

I knew two things about Mykonos: nice beaches and loads of partying. Not only am I not particularly interested in nightlife, we were there during the day (there are cruises that stop there from about 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.), so beach day it was. For this one we booked an excursion through the cruise line so we wouldn’t have to worry about hailing one of the 30 or so taxis on the island or figuring out public buses. It was easy, yet pricy, to just get a tour bus to take us to Kalafati Beach.


There were chairs to rent, a beach bar and restaurant, and public restrooms so really all you could ask for. Unfortunately, this was our worst weather day of any of our ports, as it was extremely windy and there were quite a few clouds which made it cold. Actually, Santorini was windy too, but we didn’t go to the beach there so it didn’t bother us. Kalafati wasn’t as picture-perfect as I thought Mykonos beaches were made to sound, and the sand was pretty rocky. I’ve now decided I need to go to Crete for the white sand beaches. Regardless, we still had a nice time.


After about three hours at the beach, the tour bus took us back to Mykonos Town, which was my favorite of all the towns we saw in Greece (though I guess we didn’t see very many). Like Oía and Fira in Santorini, Mykonos Town was also crowded with tourists but not nearly as many. While Oía had the blue domes, I thought the streets of Mykonos were just more picturesque and stereotypically “Greek” with their white houses and stone walkways. It could also just be that I was able to see the streets because they weren’t overpopulated. I even had time to stop and pet some cats!

I couldn’t go to Greece and not get a Greek salad. After all, cheese is my favorite food and feta is my favorite cheese. I used Google Maps to find a place called Souvlaki Story with traditional Greek food for lunch. My family and I each got our own gyro and then split a Greek salad. It was THE best salad I have ever had in my life, a Mount Olympus-sized tower of tomatoes, cucumbers, feta and olives on top of a pita drizzled with olive oil. I would go back to Mykonos just for that salad. We were also super satisfied with our gyros and I’m thrilled we squeezed in one proper Greek meal before we left the country.

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