Bathing in Beer in Budapest

This is part one of what will be a four-post series from my latest trip, which was a 12-day endeavor to Budapest, Paphos, Tallinn and Helsinki. The first 8 days or so, I was with my sister for #SistersTrip2k19Part2, and then my mom met us in Tallinn for the last 4 days.

I already went to Budapest last year with my friend and loved it so much that I wanted to go back with my sister so I could share it with her too. We basically followed the same exact itinerary as my trip last year but with one extra special experience added on: the Thermal Beer Spa!

The beer spa is located within the iconic Széchenyi baths complex. I personally love the idea of swimming in 90-degree spring water in the cool fall weather, so although the pools are packed with tourists, it’s a worthwhile stop on any Budapest trip.


And the beer spa makes it even more worthwhile! It costs €88 for two people for one 45-minute session, but the ticket price also includes entry to Széchenyi baths and a private changing cabin, which costs €38 for two people anyway. So you can enjoy all the different baths of varying temperatures and sizes for as long as you’d like before and after your beer spa appointment.

Oh and did I mention unlimited beer?! That’s right, each tub comes with its own personal beer tap and two glasses where you can fill up as many times as you would like during your session.

Now if you’re grossed out by the idea of soaking in beer, it’s not actually as bad as you would think. There is no alcohol in the tub, so you probably shouldn’t go dipping your glass in the liquid. The bath contains the ingredients that are used to make beer, including malt, hops and yeast. Not only do these ingredients smell incredible when mixed together in warm water, but they have numerous benefits for the body, including rejuvenating the skin, cleaning out pores, relieving muscle tension, improving blood circulation and more!

Széchenyi is already a must-do in Budapest, so you might as well tack on the beer spa while you’re there. I suggest booking in advance at to ensure you get your desired time slot.

And if this wasn’t enough to convince you to go to this incredible city, check out my other blog post, 9 Reasons to go to Budapest.

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